Staff Briefing – 10.45am Staffroom




ü  There are STILL numerous sport teams that have not yet been filled. They are ALSO on the PE noticeboard. Year 8 and Year 11/12 still have 3 sport teams not filled. Mr Docherty has until February 26th to add teams. Hopefully we can fill a couple of these teams up! J

Sickbay Attendance Reminder - School Diary’s

Any student presenting to Sickbay during class time is expected to have their ‘School Diary’ accompany them

Your teacher must sign you out of class

Any student who presents to Sickbay without their ‘Student Diary’ shall be returned to class

Year 7 House Polo Shirts: Can be picked up from Ms Morgan at the Boarding Office (near sick bay) at RECESS tomorrow.

Years 11 and 12 Careers It is important you attend this meeting IF you are considering studying overseas

e.g. Canada, UK, USA, HK etc         Friday 28th at 1.30pm in Room 103 Please be on time!!

Year 11 Careers Interviews   All students need to put their name on the green sheet outside my office.

12.50pm Indiveer Singh, 3.45pm Eric Chen, $.00pm anissa Driver, 4.40pm Oddom Chhoeun, 5.00pm Huisoo Kim, 5.15pm Astro Nou

Year 11 students. Please remind your parents about the Year 11 Information Night on Thursday at 7pm in the IBC. Finishes at 8pm

The following students are required to have their photo taken – please go to the IT department during recess or lunch:

Ananya Gouripeddi

Kaushik Karthik

Eknoor Ratoul

Ahmed Raza

Simrat singh

Ziyu zhou

Sehaj Kaur sidhu

Jugad singh Puar

Jiaxun Zhang (Mathew)


TERM 1             TUTE SCHEDULE       P.S. – Year 10       2020

Supervised Study

Mrs Daniells P-7 3.45-4.30
Mrs Finnin P-7 3.45-4.30
Year 7 Science Mrs Ling 14 3.45-4.30
Supervised Study 1 Ms Kirwan 52 3.45-4.30
Hindi Mrs Kahlon 51 3.45-4.30 4.30-5.15
Indo/ESL/Eng. B Dr Kaur 45 3.45-4.30` 4.30-5.15
Indonesian Yrs 9-12 Mr Winardi 17 3.45-4.30 4.30-5.15
Science Mr Cooper 44 4.30-5.15 5.15-6.00
English B Mrs Carlton 41 4.30-5.15 5.15-6.00
General Study Ms LeLievre 42 4.30-5.15 5.15-6.00
Thai Mrs Cromie 2 7-9pm

Year 11 & 12 IB            
TUTORIALS Term 1 2020

Subject Teacher Room CAS or Supervised Study. Tute Tute
Indonesian Yrs 9-12 Mr Winardi    17 3.45-4.30 4.30-5.15
Thai Mrs Cromie 2 4.30-6.00
Vietnamese Ms Thanh 102 4.00-6pm
English Mrs Gower 101 4.30-5.15 5.15-6.00
Japanese 10-12 Mr Tamura 104 4.30-5.15 5.15-6.00
Chinese Ms Xu 108 4.30-5.15 5.15-6.00
Biology/TOK Dr Rutter 103 4.30-5.15 5.15-6.00